What is an eyebrow lift?

Have your eyebrows sagged? This can make you look depressed. Sometimes the skin around your upper eyelids can stretch to the extent that hangs over your eyes. This can make you look angry, but if it is only the outer part of the eyebrows that have sagged, then an eyebrow lift can be the solution.

The symptoms paired with sagging eyebrows are quite similar to those of hanging upper eyelids. However, when the space between the eyebrows and the eyelashes is too small, then an eyelid correction alone is not the solution.

How is an eyebrow lift done?

Prior to your treatment, photos are taken for in your medical file. An eyebrow lift is performed using a local sedative and takes take about an hour to perform. The plastic surgeon takes a strip of skin and connective tissue from the hairline above the temple. A strip of skin is also removed from just above the eyebrow (on the outer side). Next, the tissue is pulled tighter and stitched, leaving scars in the hairline where you will not be able to see them. Afterwards, the wound is covered with a plaster.

The incisions, needed to perform the eyebrow lift, are stitched as nicely as possible. The scars, (where possible) are hidden in the skin folds just above the eyebrows.  The scars can be very fierce in colour for the first few months. After a while, they will start to take on the colour of your skin.

eyebrow lift

What are the advantages of an eyebrow lift?

  • No longer a tired or angry expression
  • Visible results after a week
  • Your fit expression is back
  • The operation takes an hour
  • Recovery is four to seven days
  • Option for local sedative or general anaesthetic.

When am I a suitable candidate for an eyebrow lift?

Do you struggle with hanging eyebrows that make you look older and give you a sad or tired expression? Then you are a good candidate for an eyebrow lift. However, it is up to the doctor to determine if you are indeed a good candidate for an eyebrow lift.


During your first consultation, we will discuss what this procedure entails. We will also discuss what bothers you the most about your eyebrows and what you would like to have changed. You will also be informed about the various methods and operating techniques used. We will discuss what best meets your needs and inform you about what you can expect in terms of end results, the possible risks and the necessary aftercare. You will always receive honest advice and be informed clearly about the treatment and what needs to be done in the period afterwards.

After everything has been discussed, the plastic surgeon will decide whether you are a good candidate for an eyebrow lift. The surgeon will ask you questions regarding your health, medical history and any possible medication you may be using. Should you use blood thinners, then you should stop using them at least one week before the treatment.

What can I expect after having had an eyebrow lift done?

The final results will not be visible until the operation wound, and the underlying tissue has fully healed. This process can take roughly three months. You may go home straight after the procedure, but you may not drive yourself. Make sure you bring an adult with you who can take you home.

The wounds will be stitched after the surgery and covered with waterproof plasters.  Two weeks later, the sutures will be removed, and the remaining subcutaneous sutures will dissolve on their own over time.