The world’s first and only lightweight breast implant.

Why should you choose the B-lite prosthetic?

A breast prosthetic always has a certain weight, which, thanks to gravity, constantly pulls on your breast tissue. Gravity works even more on your breast tissue when you move; doing sports, walking, taking the stairs etc. The B-lite prosthetic, however, overcomes the limitations of the traditional breast implants by drastically reducing gravitational stress by at least 30 per cent.

The technique

B-lite prosthetics are up to 30 per cent lighter than other breast implants. The prosthetic is made using clinically proven and well-known materials, giving women confidence and strength, without struggling with the extra weight.

The secret ingredient? Microspheres. This hollow material is combined with the well-known substance silicone gel, making the implants much lighter than comparable implants that are made solely using silicone. Microspheres are very robust – they can easily withstand the pressure of flying and diving. Even in the unlikely event that the prosthetic tears, the microspheres stick to the gel so strongly that they cannot come loose. B-lite prosthetics are a good combination of exceptionally high safety standards with considerably less weight, giving a natural look.


Why should you choose B-lite?

Being the first and only lightweight breast implant in the world, B-lite reduces the amount of gravity stress on the surrounding breast tissue, allowing your breasts to keep their shape and firmness for much longer. What’s more, you can recover faster after having had an operation using B-lite implants. Because of their lightweight, the B-lite prosthetic causes less stress on the scars, what’s more, the surrounding blood vessels are less likely to get crushed.  This also improves the blood circulation; therefore, less pain and a quicker recovery.

B-lite forever – a life-long guarantee

POLYTECH, in conjunction with G & G Biotechnology, are the proud designers and producers of the B-lite. These companies have been building on more than 60 years of breast implant technology evolution.

POLYTECH complies with the strictest rules and standards – the implants are produced in a certified factory in Germany, and they have over 30 years of experience in the production of breast implants.

The B-lite breast prosthetic is the result of more than ten years of research, development and extensive testing. POLYTECH unequivocally trust the design, safety and durability of their product, so much so that they give a long-life guarantee on the B-lite breast prosthetic, without hesitation.


More about the implants of POLYTECH

Breast implants have been used since the early ’60s. Nowadays, breast reconstruction and augmentation are one of the most common plastic surgery treatments. Millions of women all over the world have chosen for the silicone-filled implants. Thanks to constructive cooperation between patients, doctors and companies, implants continue to improve.

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics makes silicone implants with a smooth exterior, a rough (textured) exterior and a polyurethane (envelope) exterior. This company is specialised in breast implants with a polyurethane coating (Microthane).

POLYTECH’s polyurethane implants are made using a highly cohesive silicone gel – this is not a fluid gel but feels like it is. This gel is covered with a 1mm or 2mm thick layer of polyurethane foam. The advantage of this is that this highly cohesive gel cannot leak and keeps its shape.

The polyurethane is attached to the implant using a special technique which prevents this layer from separating from the implant. This technique is called: vulcanisation (melting with heat)

Much scientific research has shown that the polyurethane implants from POLYTECH, have drastically reduced the risks of capsule contracture. Capsule contracture happens when the natural capsule that forms around the implant becomes too thick and contracts, causing pressure on the prosthetic, which can make it become harder. This can be painful and cause your breast shape to deform.


On average, in 1 out of 100 cases, capsule contracture occurs after 15 to 20 years.  In practice, this means that women who have POLYTECH polyurethane breast implants have breasts that remain supple for much longer and are, therefore, less likely to need reconstructive surgery.

POLYTECH, as the sole producer of breast implants, not only gives a life-long guarantee on tears (ruptures), but also gives an extra 10-year guarantee to cover capsule contracture, or when the implant is moved due to a cosmetic breast augmentation or reconstruction. (Ask about the conditions).

Ask your plastic surgeon during the intake about the possibilities to have POLYTECH polyurethane implants.