cheekbone correction

What is a cheekbone correction?

High cheekbones are seen as beautiful and attractive in a female face. In addition, full cheeks exude softness and youthfulness. Women usually have slightly more prominent cheekbones than men.

A cheekbone correction is usually performed in combination with other facial treatments, because accentuating the cheekbones alone has a subtle influence on the feminization of the male’s face.

What are the benefits of a cheekbone correction?

  • No visible scars
  • More feminine face
  • Surgeon with years of experience
  • Soft and youthful appearance

How does a cheekbone correction work?

There are different techniques to accentuate the cheekbones:

Cheekbone correction with fillers

Filling the cheekbone with fillers makes the contours stronger and the jawline appears optically narrower. It is important that the character of your face does not change. Depending on your skin type and wishes, we opt for Belotero or Radiesse.

Fill cheekbones with your own fat

The surgeon removes fat from your abdomen, thighs or hips by means of liposuction. Then the fat is injected into your cheekbones with a thin needle. 50% of the injected fat is absorbed by the body, the other 50% remains in the cheekbones forever. Sometimes repeat treatment is necessary to achieve the desired result. Filling the cheekbones with fat is not suitable for all trans women.

Cheekbones padding with implants

This procedure is done via intra-oral access. The implants are placed by the surgeon through the inside of the face (usually through the oral cavity). The operation takes about half an hour under general anesthesia. Scars: To prevent visible scars, incisions are made in the oral cavity. Fixation: The implants are fastened with small screws, so that they stay in place.

cheekbone correction


During your first consultation with the doctor you can indicate what bothers you most and what exactly you want to change. Prior to your interview, photos are made for the medical record and to be discussed with the surgeon during your interview. As a result, he will examine whether you are a suitable candidate and will propose the most suitable treatment for you to feminize the cheekbones. The surgeon also explains what this technique entails and what you can expect as the end result.

This way you can make a well-informed decision about the desired cheekbone correction. Furthermore, the surgeon will ask about your health, medical background and possible medication use. If you use blood-thinning medication, you must stop taking this at least a week before the treatment.

During your consultation, the recovery period and any risks and complications will also be discussed with you. After this, your consultation will be summarized in a treatment plan and the total costs of the treatment will be discussed with our consultant. The consultation takes approximately 60 minutes and aims to inform you as clearly and fully as possible about the cheekbone correction in combination with any other treatments.

What can I expect afterwards?

Cheekbone correction with fillers

The first few hours after treatment it is important to stay away from the cheekbones. The effect of fillers will disappear after 1 to 2 years. Fill with your own fat or implants. A support bandage is applied after the operation. After the checkup appointment with the doctor, the dressing may be removed. Sports or other strenuous physical exercise can be continued after 2 weeks.

Fill up with implants

After the operation, blue discoloration appears and your face is swollen. The swelling will decrease after two weeks. Most patients experience numbness after surgery. This is temporary. The doctor gives a rinse aid. This rinse aid is used 2 to 3 times a day during the first week after the operation to prevent infections. Playing also improves mouth healing. The stitches are dissolved after 2 weeks.

Filling your own fat

The result is visible after 2 months. The own tissue has then had sufficient time to grow well.