clitoral hood correction

What is a clitoral hood correction?

The clitoral hood, also known as the hood, is the fold of skin on top of the clitoris which covers and protects it. Some women suffer from excess skin around the clitoris. This can be annoying as it can make it more difficult to stimulate the clitoris. Women can also experience discomfort when wearing tight trousers. Or they just think it’s not pretty. In general, a clitoral hood correction is a relatively small procedure in which the size, form or symmetry of the hood is corrected in proportion with the labia and the body.

What are the advantages of having a clitoral hood correction done?

  • Less surplus skin or tissue
  • Both local and general anesthetic are possible
  • Treatment can be done within two weeks
  • It’s a perfectly safe procedure.

When am I a suitable candidate for a clitoral hood correction?

You are a good candidate if you suffer from excess skin around the clitoris, and it causes you discomfort in your daily activities. You must be at least 18 years old to have this procedure, this is the law.

How is a clitoral hood correction done?

This procedure is carried out using a local anaesthetic– not a general anaesthetic. The area is numbed for this procedure, which means you will not feel anything.
Excess tissue will be removed from the left and right of the clitoris. The clitoris itself and the skin above the clitoris will not be touched – the feeling in the clitoris will remain the same. On average, a clitoral hood correction takes no longer than 30 minutes.


Before you can have the clitoral hood correction done, you will meet with one of our cosmetic gynaecologist. During this consultation, you can explain what the problem is and why you would like to have a clitoral hood correction done and what you expect from the procedure. Naturally, you are free to ask any questions.

What can I expect after having had a clitoral hood correction done?

The labia may remain swollen for some time, as it can take anywhere from to six to ten weeks before the swelling has completely disappeared. You may experience prolonged numbness of the skin. These symptoms are usually temporary. The scar will initially feel hard – this will change after a few months when it will become softer.


It is not advisable to sit on a doughnut cushion or a swimming float because this can cause the swelling to increase. We advise you to sit on a rolled-up towel, which will act as a pressure bandage.
Please bring a towel with you on the day of your treatment. On your way home, immediately after your procedure, you can sit on the towel to help prevent or limit the swelling.


Once the procedure has been completed, there will be swelling around the clitoris. Immediately after the procedure, it is important to – cool the area every 10 minutes and continue to do so regularly for two or three days. Even when cooled the clitoris area may remain swollen for some time. As mentioned before, it can take anywhere from six to ten weeks before the swelling has completely disappeared.  However, by cooling you make sure that the swelling will be less.

It is also possible that the skin will remain numb for quite some time. These symptoms are usually temporary.

For a few months, whilst the wound is healing, the skin will become less firm, and the scars will become softer. When you can go back to work or resume your activities will depend on the situation. Discuss this with the cosmetic gynaecologist.

Sex and sport

We advise you to refrain from sexual contact and not to do any sports until six weeks after the procedure has been carried out. Also, heavy physical labour or lifting heavy objects is not advisable. The wound should receive as little pressure as possible.