neck lift

What is a neck lift?

Does your skin hang on your neck and from under your chin? You could consider having a neck lift done. Many people notice that the skin on the neck tends to age faster than the skin on the face. A neck lift is only effective for the neck. If the neck muscles have slackened, but you would also like to have a facelift, then a combination of a neck and facelift is the most suitable option.

Wrinkles in the face and at the back of the neck will not disappear with a neck lift. There are other suitable treatment methods for this. You can combine a neck lift with liposuction on the neck. It can also be combined with a neck and facelift.

What are the advantages of a neck lift?

  • No visible scars
  • No more sagging skin
  • Performed by a surgeon with years of experience

When am I a suitable candidate for a neck lift?

You are a good candidate when the skin on your neck has lost its firmness. When the skin loosens and fat accumulates, you can get a so-called ‘turkey’ neck. The folds in your skin become more pronounced with deeper shadows. This gives the neck and jawline a less youthful appearance. A neck lift can correct this.

How is a neck lift done?

During the operation, the plastic surgeon will make an incision behind the ear, via the hairline, towards the back of the head. In most cases, drains are inserted into the wounds. Drains are small tubes that drain any build-up of blood and fluid in the wound. The doctor will then separate the layer of skin from the underlying layers of tissue. The skin and muscles are tightened, and excess skin, muscle tissue and fatty tissue are removed. The doctor will close up the wound using soluble sutures and cover these with sterile gauzes. You may go home the same day.



During your first consultation with the doctor, you can discuss what bothers you the most about your neck and what you would like to have changed. Prior to your consultation, photos will be taken for your medical file. These photos will also be discussed when you meet with the surgeon. Based on your photos, the surgeon will decide whether you are a suitable candidate for a facelift and will recommend the treatment that best meets your needs.
The surgeon will also explain the technique used and what you can expect in terms of the end result. That way, you can make a well-informed decision.
Furthermore, the surgeon will ask you questions regarding your health, medical history and any possible medication you may be using. Should you use blood thinners, then you should stop using them at least one week before the treatment.

During your consultation, you will be informed about the recovery period and the possible risks and complications. The information discussed will then be put together in a treatment plan and one of our consultants will run through the costs for a facelift with you. The consultation takes about an hour. We aim to provide you with as much clear information as possible about your neck lift.

What can I expect after having had a neck lift done?

Prior to your surgery, you will receive an email from us with all the instructions concerning your aftercare. Once your treatment has been completed, you will remain in the clinic for a few hours.

You may go home as soon as the doctor or anaesthetist has given their approval. Your levels of consciousness, breathing and blood pressure will need to be stable. You must also have had something to eat and drink. Furthermore, you must be able to sit and walk and you must have urinated, too.
You must not forget that you have just had medical surgery, so you will not be feeling very focused and fit. It is advised to go home by car or by taxi, but always accompanied by an adult. Using public transport is discouraged.

You will be expected back at the clinic the following day for a quick check-up. We will then check whether everything is going according to plan. We would like to see you back at the clinic on the 3rd or 4th day to remove the drains from behind your ears. Seven days after your facelift, we would like you to come again so that the sutures can be removed. Although many clients don’t look forward to this, it is not an unpleasant procedure. We would also like to see you back after three to six weeks, and then again at three, six and 12 months after your operation date.

We recommend that you take two weeks off from your work or schooling for a neck lift. A third extra week of rest can be beneficial.

You should get plenty of rest after your operation. You may not drink any alcohol for the first week after your operation because of the side effects of the general anaesthetic. You may do sports only after three weeks, and if you feel well enough. Do not go swimming or visit the sauna in the first three weeks. Both smoking and alcohol have a negative effect on the healing process and recovery time – try to abstain from both for a while.