What is a buttock augmentation with implants?

Having your buttocks ‘filled-up’ is a treatment that has become very popular over the last few years. ‘Not Back to the Future, but the Future is the Back’.  Buttock augmentation is a type of aesthetic surgery where the size and the shape of the buttocks are changed. This type of surgery is mostly performed on women and men who feel that their buttocks are too small or too flat.

A soft and natural-feeling implant increases the volume in the buttocks and gives them a firmer and more natural look. Your doctor will tell you during a consultation about the possibilities of a buttock augmentation, and if a butt lift will give the desired results in your situation.

What are the advantages of a buttock augmentation with implants?

  • Buttocks that feel soft and natural.
  • No visible scars
  • Minimal risk of infection


How is a buttock augmentation with implants done?

After your first consultation with the plastic surgeon, you will meet with our consultant. The purpose of this talk is to bring you up to date and inform you about everything to do with your buttock augmentation. Are you interested in having a buttock augmentation with implants done? Click here to make an appointment for a consultation.

During your first consultation with our consultant, you will discuss what bothers you the most about your buttocks and what you would like to have changed. The consultant will determine which implants will suit your body the best to meet your wishes. Our consultant will give you tailored advice.

After which you will be seen by the doctor who will perform the buttock augmentation. This doctor will look at your buttocks again. He will make the final decision as to which option best meets your needs. This doctor will also decide if it is medically responsible to give you the treatment you would like to have.

Note: remember to bring a valid identification document and your insurance pass with you to your consultation. Once you have had your consultation, your operation will be scheduled. The law in the Netherlands stipulates that there must be at least a 7-day waiting period between the consultation  with the doctor and the operation date.

NB: Payment for your treatment should be paid no later than four weeks in advance.

* This treatment falls within the tax-exempt medical care as stated in article. 11-1-g Tax Law, 1968.


When am I a suitable candidate for a buttock augmentation using implants?

You must be at least 18 years old before you may undergo cosmetic surgery for non-medical reasons, as stated in the guidelines drawn up by the professional organisations for cosmetic doctors and plastic surgeons.

What can I expect after having had a buttock augmentation done using implants?

Within a week, you should have a fairly good idea of the effects of the treatment. The definitive results won’t be visible until after a year. The skin, in particular, will need time to tighten; however, the new contours of your body are permanent.

The surgeon uses the latest techniques in plastic surgery. His goal is to achieve the highest level of quality, safety and comfort for all of his patients. Guaranteeing no infections and making it possible for you to already sit after only one day, and already be back at work after only one week.

After the operation, your buttocks will be painful, and you will experience pressure and a pulling sensation. Your skin will be swollen, and you may feel sore. This normally disappears on its own after two to six weeks. The wound must be kept dry for the first seven days unless the doctor has told you otherwise. The plasters/sutures will be kept in place for the first seven days, keeping the wound clean and ensuring a good recovery.

The day after your operation, Care Clinic will contact you to inquire how you are doing and to ask if you have any questions. Your first check-up will be one week after your operation. They will check to see if everything is going according to plan and remove any possible plasters and sutures.
The second (and final) check-up will be three months after your operation. It is always possible to come in for an extra check-up in between. You can start using the scar crème, after eight weeks. Should redness or swelling occur, or you develop a fever or the wound opens-up, or there are other concerns, please immediately contact the Care Clinic.

We look forward to helping you.