Below you will find a price list in which all our treatments are included. With all treatments, you come to an initial consultation free of charge with one of our experienced consultants and/or doctors. Based on this consultation, you will receive a personalized quote from us.

Please note: For a breast augmentation for a trans woman, a subsidy can be applied for in order to be reimbursed for the treatment.

At Care Clinic we accept the following payment methods: pin, iDEAL, credit card or cash payment.*
*Bills of €200 and €500 are not accepted.

** All prices include post-operative bra and aftercare.

Breast augmentation
Mentor Cohesive I£3.400
Mentor Round Cohesive II£3.550
Mentor Memory Gel Xtra£3.700
Mentor Anatomic Cohesive III£3.700
Mentor Round with saline £3.400
Mentor Round with saline + change implants£3.750
Motiva Round Silk£3.350
Motiva Ergonomix£4.050
Bigger than 700CCfrom £3.750
Remove implants£2.500
Breast lift
Breast lift£3.750
Breast lift with donut technique£2.550
Breast lift with implants
Mentor Cohesive I£5.050
Mentor Cohesive II£5.600
Motiva Round silk £5.500
Motiva Ergonomix£6.350
Polytech B-Lite Round£6.000
Polytech B-Lite Anatomic£6.000
Breast reduction£3.750
Nipple correction£1.000
Areola correction£1.700