Men who are less well-endowed may feel that the length of their penis is too short. This can affect a man’s self-confidence and even his sex life. Nowadays it is possible, through plastic surgery, to lengthen the penis up to a few centimeters. This is also called a penis enlargement. The penis enlargement can be performed in combination with a penis thickening.

The preliminary process

During the first consultation you will discuss with one of our specialists what your symptoms are and why you want to have the penis enlargement and/or thickening performed. They will provide you with all the necessary information about the preparations, the treatment, the maximum achievable end result and the further recovery process of the treatment. Of course we listen to all your expectations and you can ask questions.

Following this consultation, if desired, another appointment is scheduled with one of our, BIG-registered, plastic surgeons. The surgeon will go through the whole procedure again with you and will go into the medical aspects of the operation.

Both consultations are completely free of charge and without obligation.


The treatment

The penis enlargement and/or thickening is usually performed under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Prior to the operation, the plastic surgeon will discuss all the steps with you one last time. The plastic surgeon makes small incisions in the pubic area, just above the base of the penis. The ligaments (the bands that connect bones or pieces of cartilage) in the penis are loosened, causing the penis to move forward. This automatically results in a lengthening of several inches. Good to know is that this does not cause you to have an unstable penis.

On average, the length of the penis grows by 2 to 4 centimeters. However, a penis enlargement is not a guarantee in advance, because during wound healing scar tissue is formed which can nullify the effect. In ±15% of the cases the enlargement is finally only 1 cm or less.

This technique does not damage the corpora cavernosa and therefore you will not become impotent as a result of the treatment. Also the spermatic cord cannot be damaged during the procedure.

Do you want to combine a penis enlargement with a penis thickening? We do this with your own fat, through a lipofilling treatment. More information can be found on the page BBL.



After the penis enlargement we will keep you in the clinic for about three to four hours. Your doctor may also decide, in consultation with you, that it is better to stay another night at the clinic so that you can receive 24-hour care. As soon as you wake up, you will be in the recovery room. Here you will be given time to recover, your vital signs will be checked, and the nurse will offer you something to drink and eat. When the doctor assesses that your body functions are good the next day, you may go home. However, you must be accompanied, regardless of the means of transport you use. We will call your escort when you are ready to leave the clinic.

In case of treatment under anesthesia, you can slowly eat something at home. Choose easily digestible food (water/tea and biscuits).

Try to avoid nausea and vomiting. This will reduce the chance of post-operative bleeding and/or congestion of the wound. It is also important to drink a lot of water/tea.

After the operation it is important to take it easy for a few days. You can then resume your daily activities. We strongly advise against sexual activity for six weeks to allow your penis to recover.

The final result of a penile thickening is not really visible for several months. This is because the wound fluids need time to drain away completely. The wound fluid may even make the penis seem shorter at first. Therefore, we ask you to be patient.

Additional aftercare instructions will be given or sent to you after scheduling the procedure. If you have any doubts about your possible side effects, always contact the practice.

Check-up appointments

The day after you are allowed to go home, we will call you to ask how you are doing and, if necessary, answer your questions. At that time, we will schedule a check-up appointment with you after 14 days. At this checkup, your wounds will be assessed. It is always possible that the doctor wants an extra check-up moment to check the wound healing extra well. After eight weeks you will come for a final check-up. The final check-up is done by your plastic surgeon.