Below you will find a price list in which all our cosmetic gynecology treatments are included. With all treatments, you come to an initial consultation free of charge with one of our experienced consultants and/or doctors. Based on this consultation, you will receive a personalized quote from us.

At Care Clinic we accept the following payment methods: pin, iDEAL, credit card or cash payment.*
*Bills of €200 and €500 are not accepted.

Clitoral hood correction£2.300
Clitoral hood correction incl. labia correction£2.600

Femilift - Dry vagina - 1st session£1.050
Femilift - Dry vagina - 2nd session£1.050
Femilift - Dry vagina - 3rd session£850

Femilift - Menopause vaginal fissure - 1st session£1.050
Femilift - Menopause vaginal fissure - 2nd session£1.050
Femilift - Menopause vaginal fissure - 3rd session£850

Femilift - Urinary incontinence - 1st session£1.050
Femilift - Urinary incontinence - 2nd session£1.050
Femilift - Urinary incontinence - 3rd session£850

Femilift - Tightening - 1st session£1.050
Femilift - Tightening - 2nd session£1.050
Femilift - Tightening - 3rd session£850

Probe (mandatory purchase with first Femilift treatment)£100

Lipofilling labia majora (Rebirth)£1.500

Scar correctionPrice after advice

Labia correction
Labia correction one-sided£1.300
Labia correction - labia minora£1.600
Labia correction - labia majora£2.500

Narrowing of the vagina (perineoplasty)£2.650