How does Femilift work?

Ageing of the body is a normal and natural phenomenon. However, we often forget that the vagina ages too. This process can accelerate when the body is hormonally confused – for example, during menopause or during/after pregnancy. Femilift was designed to help reduce these symptoms, and in some cases make them disappear entirely. Femilift will make you vagina more vital.

Femilift is a laser with various adapters, allowing each treatment to be done with precision. The laser is made up of 49 beams that stimulate the production of collagen (connective tissue).

The treatment is repeated three times to achieve the desired results. There must be a minimum of four weeks, and preferably a maximum of six weeks, between treatments. We advise you to repeat the treatment once a year for the best results.

What are the advantages of Femilift?

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Improved fluid balance
  • Strengthens the skin/vaginal wall.


Problems with the vagina after menopause
Gynaecological problems occur more often than women think. Over 50% of women will experience vaginal problems in their lifetime. Such a problem could be atrophic vaginitis, where the body produces less hormones after menopause, which causes changes in the mucous membranes and the connective tissue around the vagina. This means that the skin of the vagina will become dryer, thinner and more sensitive. The elasticity and firmness of the vagina can decline too, all of which can make the vagina be more prone to infections. These problems can cause sex to be painful and the vagina becomes narrower. About 40% of women experience this.

The vagina wall can be restored with the laser treatment (Femilift). The laser stimulates the production of collagen and improves the mucous membranes of the vagina. This strengthens the vagina and improves the blood circulation. The skin of the vagina is also rejuvenated with this treatment. The elasticity is back, and the vagina will be moist with more ease. This also improves sexual stimulation. Should you suffer from loss of urine then a strengthened vaginal wall will reduce this.

Femilift urinary incontinence

Urine loss
Another common vaginal problem is stress-related incontinence – the most common form of unwanted urine loss. This is when urine escapes during moments of increased pressure, such as when you laugh, sneeze, cough and do sports.
Many women think that stress-related incontinence only happens to older women. However, it often happens to younger women, primarily young mothers. Femilift treatment will give the urine duct more support; it makes the vaginal wall thicker and strengthens the pelvic floor. This treatment will reduce the symptoms of stress-related incontinence and can even help the problem to go away completely. Because Femilift strengthens, firms-up and hydrates the vagina, it helps reduce the symptoms of heaviness and the vagina becomes stronger.

Good things to know about the Femilift treatment
Are you interested in Femilift? Care Clinic works together with our cosmetic gynaecologist. It is given without a sedative which means that you can go home straight after the treatment. It is virtually pain-free. You may suffer from increased discharge for a couple of days afterwards, although, in general, you should experience no other side effects.

It is possible that after the treatment, a woman can experience some mental discomfort during sex. Should this be the case then we advise you to consider seeking professional psychological support.

You will need to buy a Probe for this treatment. This is a one-off purchase. It is a tube that goes over the laser before the treatment is given. This Probe is for you only, which means that the treatment is given with the utmost hygiene. You can buy the Probe at the practice. *Disclaimer. Despite our care and accuracy taken, we cannot guarantee it will be a success.