The Brazilian butt lift is an operation method used to enlarge the buttocks and possibly the hips using your own body fat.

Preliminary Stage

You will have an initial informative talk with the specialist who will be treating you, prior to any possible surgery. We will discuss your symptoms and wishes and answer any questions you may have. Your treating physician – plastic surgeon – will review the operation with you one more time and let you know what you can expect. Of course, there will be plenty of opportunities to ask any additional questions you may have.


Treating physician

At Praktijk Diana Gabriels, liposuction and lipofilling are only carried out by plastic surgeons. Care Clinic regularly works with international specialists. For example: with the recognised dr. Monzon in Spain and the recognised dr. Petit in France. Whenever a foreign surgeon carries out a treatment, a Dutch-speaking, BIG-registered plastic surgeon is always present as a supervisor.


Liposuction System

Care Clinic uses the PAL-system. What’s special about this system is that the special cannula (a hollow tube that is inserted into the body) is driven by a motor causing vibrations. These small but fast vibrations make it possible for the cannula tip to loosen the fat cells more easily. Making it easier to remove the fat cells.
This technique makes it possible to carry out the procedure with a small cannula. The advantage of this is that the procedure can be done with fewer and smaller holes. In other words, on average, leaving scars no bigger than 2 to 4 mm.

Furthermore, the results are much better than those from traditional liposuction treatments. The surgeon guides the cannula by hand when using traditional liposuction methods. When several large areas are to be treated, this can be quite intense labour. Besides, the movements are less controlled. As a result, the risks of scaring and a-symmetry are higher than when using the cannula with the PAL-System. This system vibrates, causing the fat cells to be broken down more evenly. All in all, giving a smoother result.

The PAL-System makes it possible to create more precise contours and give a sharper silhouette.

Before the operation

In preparation for your surgery, we advise you to stop smoking at least four weeks before your treatment. Smoking has a negative effect on the recovery process.
You are also advised to start taking eight Arnica drops, three times a day, for ten days prior to your surgery, and 20 drops on the day of your surgery. Arnica is a homoeopathic drug, which will help reduce the risk of bruising.

Also: do not drink any alcohol in the week before your surgery. Do not drink any coffee the day before, and after your surgery. You will be given a general anaesthetic and should have an empty stomach when you arrive at the clinic.

Further instructions will be provided after the surgery has been scheduled.


Treatment technique

Firstly, a special liquid will be injected into your body to start breaking down the fat cells. This liquid also has a numbing effect. This will ensure that you will be more comfortable for the first 36 hours after your treatment. Then the fat is collected from one or more areas and cleansed in a centrifuge. After which it is then re-inserted in layers with small cannulas. By not inserting these fat cells all in one go, they will receive a better blood flow, which improves their chances of survival.

When treating one to three areas, this treatment will take 1,5 to two hours. With four or more areas to treat, it will take three to four hours. Three areas or less can be done using a local anaesthetic. When treating four or more areas, a general anaesthetic will be used. You will receive your treatment as an outpatient and always in Class 1, Performance 1 certified operating theatre (not in a polyclinical room)

After the operation

When using the PAL-System, hardly any manual power is needed, causing less damage to the fat cells during surgery. This will ensure a quicker and less painful recovery.

Directly after the surgery, the buttocks, and possibly the hips, will be swollen. You can also expect some bruising. On average, this disappears within three weeks. The treatment and recovery are generally not experienced as very painful, but you will feel sore, and your skin will pull and feel tight.

During the recovery period of about six weeks, we advise you to wear pressure garments and to sit on your buttocks as little as possible. Post-operative pressure garments will support the skin, speeding up the healing process, reducing the amount of fluid build-up and allowing the skin to heal better.

Sitting on your buttocks can cause pressure. This pressure can prevent the fat cells from settling and can even destroy them. The best thing to do is to sit on a stool that allows the buttocks to hang over the edge. A round swimming float also works. When you sit with your buttocks on a swimming float, the pressure is absorbed by the upper legs and the lower back.

It is also important to keep an eye on the blood circulation after your treatment. This is why we advise you not to sit or lie still for long periods. Keep moving, but do not strain the body. Rest is also important for optimal results. Depending on the size and where you have been operated, will also determine how long you may not do any sports. You can discuss this with your treating physician.



A small portion of the transplanted fat – on average, 30 % – is absorbed by the body. This is always why more fatty tissue is injected than is actually needed. The definitive result will be visible after three to six months.
Sometimes a second treatment is necessary. This is because the body reacts differently per patient. Absolute symmetry cannot be guaranteed. Certain situations call for an additional operation to obtain better results. The plastic surgeon tries, as much as possible, to consider your wishes with regards to the shape, size and firmness of your buttocks. However, it is not always possible to do this for 100%.

Manual lymphatic drainage massage can help support the healing process and improve the final results. Any fluids can drain better, and it also allows the tissue to recover faster. Furthermore, this can help with the shapes of the contours. However, you should wait until two weeks after the surgery before you have this massage done.