adams apple

What is an Adams apple reduction?

A typical characteristic of the man is the Adam’s apple. Adam’s apple is an excellent part of the thyroid cartilage that grows forward in boys in puberty. Through an Adam’s apple reduction it is possible to reduce the Adam’s apple. The Adam’s apple will be reduced, but bear in mind that the pitch of your voice will not change.


How does an Adam’s apple reduction work?

During the first consultation we discuss all topics that are related to the treatment. This is how we enter into a conversation about what bothers you most about your Adam’s apple and what you would like to change about this. We will discuss how the operation will work, what result you can expect, what the possible risks are and how the process will continue after the operation.

The plastic surgeon will then check whether you are a suitable candidate for Adam’s apple reduction. The doctor will ask about your health, medical background and any medication use.

The Adam’s apple reduction can be performed in combination with other Facial Feminization Surgeries. The operation will then take place under general anesthesia. If you only opt for the Adam’s apple reduction, the treatment will be performed under local anesthesia.

During the operation, the doctor will grind the cartilage so that the Adam’s apple no longer protrudes. An incision is made under the chin of about three centimeters wide.



What are the benefits of an Adam’s apple reduction?

  • Easy operation
  • The scar is small and almost invisible
  • Can be used in combination with FFS

What can I expect after an Adam’s apple reduction?

Adam’s apple correction – A swelling may occur during the first 24 to 48 hours after surgery. You don’t have to be shocked by this, this is a common side effect and can last up to six weeks. You may also experience some sore throats. You may have difficulty talking and swallowing. Often the sore throat will disappear after about a week.

It is important that you give your body time to recover. Avoid stress and try not to talk too much during the first few days.

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